Other Worthwhile Blogs

You may have noticed but there are tons of travel blogs out there on the inter-webs. Below are a few that I like based on a variety of factors. Feel free to leave me some comments if you have others to recommend and I’ll check them out. I am by no means the end-all, be-all when it comes to travel.

* I’ve expanded my view just a bit here and added a couple non-travel related blogs. Feel free to let me know if you have other recommendations or if you are interested in engaging about your own blog!

The Finn and I: Finnish customs meet American culture. A great blog here with recommendations on crafting, green living, parenting, food, culture, etc…

1 Dad 1 Kid: A solid blog by Talon Windwalker who is a single parent. He seems to have a nice broad range of travel experience and his posts are usually insightful.

The Expert Vagabond: Another great travel blog by a self-proclaimed vagabond named Matthew. Nice and simple design into the 4 sections of popular posts, adventure travel, travel tips & advice, and latest blog posts.

Erica Monttinen (a Midwestern girl living in the Pacific Northwest) is a freelance writer who posts a lot of great articles here and has written for various publications. She’s also available for contracted work if you need the content.