The Pub With No Name (updated)

A few small updates to this post from my far too long night on Saturday at the Pub With No Name in Tallinn.

My new friends that are the barmaids at this place have inspired me to get this post posted quickly. Like I said before I’ll be posting a few more posts on my week-long visit to Tallinn but getting started with this one. Maybe the best thing about this bar are the staff. The ladies working at this place are a representative example of all the ladies in Tallinn, which is to say very beautiful.



Example #1

Now, I’ve been to this place before (and included it here in my guide to a night out in Tallinn) but never have I spent quite so much time there. This pub has probably some of the best drink prices around and awesome, friendly staff (and not bad looking either). And the dudes that work here are pretty cool too.



Just before it got totally packed on a Saturday nite.

If you like meeting other fellow travelers and making lost of new friends then this is the place for you. It’s full of patrons from all over the world. My last night there I met another American that lives only a few hours from where I do here in North Carolina.

I didnt take as many pics as I had intended but I grabbed the above picture of one of the ladies working there and the one to the left of the bar starting to fill up.




2 more lovely bar ladies






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