25 MORE quirky reasons to visit Estonia

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26. The world’s only preserved medieval Danse Macabre painting on canvas is found at St. Nicholas’ Church.


Danse Macabre or The Dance of Death

27. The first spa of the Russian empire was opened in Kadriorg near Tallinn in 1813.

28. The first official mixed beach where men and women could bathe and sunbathe together was only opened in Parnu in 1925.

29. Estonia has the largest number of museums per person in the world.

occupation mus

Estonian Museum of Occupations, Tallinn


Kaali Crater

30. Kaali crater is the first crater in Europe to be shown to have been caused by a meteorite.

31. Estonian wooded meadows are one of the world’s richest biotopes with up to 70 different plant species that can grow.

32. There are 36 species of orchids that grow wild in Estonia.




botanical gard

Tallinn Botanic Garden

33. The Tallinn botanic garden is the only place in the world where the highly endangered fern species from Kauai island have reproduced.

34. Tallinn zoo has the world’s largest selection of rare chamois and wild sheep.

35. Tallinn is the oldest capital city in the Baltic Sea region.

36. Tallinn town hall is Northern Europe’s only preserved Gothic city hall.


37. Tallinn is one of the few cities in the world where the medieval city wall has largely remained.


medievel wall

Medievel Town Wall


38. More than 40 films were shot in Tallinn’s old town for it’s world or western European environment.

39. Tallinn has a tunnel network built over 300 years ago.


Stairs descending into the tunnels below Tallinn.

40. The first Christmas tree in the world was erected in Tallinn by the Blackhead’s guild of unmarried merchants in 1441.

41. Estonia’s first traffic police took office on 1 April 1929.

42. The east-west border town of Narva has changed hands more than ten times since inception in 1223.

43. According to legend, Odin, the supreme god of the ancient Scandinavians is buried in Osmussaar on the west side of Paldiski.


Celtic Crosses at the Cemetery of St. Olav’s Cathedral

44. The cemetery of St. Olay’s church on Vormsi Island has 300 Celtic crosses which is the highest in the world.

45. Suurupi Lighthouse built in 1859 is Estonia’s only lighthouse made of wood.

46. Kopu lighthouse is one of the world’s oldest operating lighthouses.

47. A 19th century student lock-up cell has been preserved in its original form in the attic of the main building of Tartu university.

48. The world’s first modern refracting telescope is located in Tartu observatory.

49. Sterile rubber gloves and gypsum plaster were first introduced in the 19th century at the university of Tartu.

50. The wooden platform of Haapsalu railway station was completed in 1903 was one of the longest covered platform in northern Europe.


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