25 quirky reasons to visit Estonia

Here at TheTravelHQ I’ve written fairly extensively about Estonia. From planning a night out in Tallinn to seeing the best sights in the country it’s a favorite country of mine. We spent some time over the NYE holiday there which was my wife’s first trip while I’ve been there a handful of times it is never disappointing. Here’s another blog’s opinion as well so you know it’s not just me: 15 Best Places to Visit in Estonia.

On that last trip we picked up a neat little book that provided the content here so I wanted to share a few.

1. With a literacy rate of 99.8% it’s one of the most literate countries in the world.

2. Estonia is one of the least religious countries in the world with only 14% of Estonians claiming a religion.

3. The internet. Estonia invented Skype, 96% of Estonians file taxes online, 98% of Estonians conduct banking online, and over 98% of new businesses are created online. skype

4. The sacrificial linden. In Sipa, Western Estonia is a tree with the largest circumference for a tree in Estonia. The 600-year-old tree is called the “tree of love”


The Tulivere

5. The Tulivere. An oak tree near Kuusalu is believed to help married couples who have a rift. To find harmony, the couple must spend one night inside the cavity of the oak

6. Estonia ranks second in the world in terms of student access to the internet.



7. Estonia has the largest number of successful start-ups per capita in the world. (Check out their e-residency program here).

8. The only football field with an oak tree in the middle.

9. It’s an egalitarian country. 51% of engineers are women beating the world average of 29%.

10. Estonia is the first country where a comprehensive network or charging stations for electric cars has been built across the entire country.

11. In 2005 Estonia was the first country to introduce online voting.

12. The first meal eaten in space was prepared in Estonia.

13. The idea for the European Union was first introduced by Jacob Heinrich von Lilienfeld in 1767.

ice road

The Ice Road: No seatbelts, No driving after sunset, No vehicles heavier than 2.5t, No driving between 25km/h and 40km/h

14. Europe’s longest ice road.

15. The world’s oldest rye is cultivated in Estonia.

16. Estonia is the largest user of shale oil and producer of energy obtained from it.

17. One of the largest movements of machines in Europe was made in 2012 here.

18. The world’s first 3D camcorder to take a stereoscopic photo was developed by two Estonian brothers.

19. The world’s longest wrestling match took place at the 1912 summer Olympics between an Estonian and Finnish wrestler. It lasted 11 hours and 40 minutes. The match was won by the Estonian but he was too tired to compete for the gold medal the next day.

20. Estonian wrestler Kristjan Palusalu is the only heavyweight wrestler to have won gold at the same Olympic games in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

21. Estonia’s national team won the first basketball match ever played in the Olympics in Berlin in 1936.

22. The world’s first underwater draughts tournament was held in January 2011 in Valtu.

maxresdefault (2)

underwater draughts…I guess I don’t really see the point though.


23. Europe’s largest cross-country skiing race is the Tartu marathon.

24. The Estonian folklore library is one of the world’s largest collections of folklore.

25. The Estonian literary museum is the only literature museum that is haunted.



Have you checked some of these out? Let me know in the comments below.



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  1. Well, it’s worth learning about the Baltic nation’s many fascinating and delightful facets, from the medieval-era capital, Tallinn, to the nearby Lahemaa National Park, home to such quirky attractions as a large and much-visited bog.

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