Warszawa, aka Warsaw, Poland.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Warsaw (in the land of too many consonants, not enough vowels—as stated by my Polish colleagues) for a couple weeks and one thing in particular jumped out at me, it’s not like a lot of the other eastern/central European capitals I’ve visited where it’s designed to be walkable. Let me say that you can walk the city and get to all the sites that you’ll want to see but it’s just not as pedestrian oriented as say Riga, Tallinn, Lviv or even Munich.

In Warsaw there’s a few main things you’ll want to see. One thing I noticed is that each of the sites is worthy of a visit in the daylight hours and after dark (which comes at a ridiculous 1545 or so when I was there). In no particular order I’ve listed a few of these for you below.

Palace of Culture and Science

1: The Palace of Culture & Science (I’ve tweeted a lot of pics of this one so check me out there)

2: The Royal Palace & Sigimund III’s Column

Sigimund III’s Column and Royal Palace at night

3: The old town in general

4: Lazienki Park & Palace

5: Warsaw Uprising Museum (free admission on Sundays)


warsaw uprising

Yes, there are a lot of other sights to see in Warsaw but if you’re going to be there for a limited amount of time these are probably the things I would check out. You can easily spend a few hours at each and when you factor in other things like eating, shopping (if that’s your thing) and walking around just seeing the city then you’ll quickly run out of time.

Another important thing for me when traveling is interacting with locals. I’ve been to some places with some tough nuts to crack being a quite stoic population (looking at you Estonia) but the locals in Warsaw were pretty easy to talk to. Not random strangers on the street per se but in the restaurants, bars and other establishments they were more than willing to speak with me and in pretty good English in most cases.

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