Things I missed about living in Europe

My first trip back to Europe since moving back to the states last year and I immediately remembered some things that I loved and/or found interesting. My list is below (in no particular order):


  1. Traffic lights that go from red to yellow to green. (it’s just different)
  2. Not being handed change directly at a shop and it instead being placed in the small tray on the counter.
  3. Light switches on the outsides of rooms….? Sure, why not.


    I know you’ve seen these just outside the bathroom door…

  4. Tiny little espresso coffees
  5. Bumping into someone and neither one of you saying anything….
  6. Coat hooks by the door when you walk in
  7. PRICES ARE AS POSTED!! Taxes included. (Probably the BEST thing I forgot about)
  8. Cane Sugar (just because)

9. Toilet buttons instead of levers or handles

10. History & Culture everywhere you look. Seriously, in the U.S.the “old” buildings and culture is like what, 200 something years old? In Europe that’s practically yesterday.


Just a quick little list that some of you can probably appreciate if you’ve traveled in Europe, or maybe you live there now and have taken some of these things for granted…

Coming soon is my list of things not missed. (Hint: its not a very big list)

Maybe one more for the road: How late the party goes!! Holy Cow, I left at 0430 and the locals I met asked why I was leaving so early…!


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