A $1200 European New Year’s Eve Holiday

So my wife and I have decided to head to my favorite Baltic capital of Riga to celebrate New Years Eve this year….In keeping with the common theme among travel bloggers that travel isn’t expensive, I thought I’d share how we will do it for around $1200. Some of you reading may know these techniques and tips but I’ve spelled it out a bit more how to do it.

The key to all this are the “no frills” airlines. There’s a ton of them out there but I plan to use Norwegian and AirBaltic; combining them with one way flights into/out of different cities works out perfectly here. We’ll first fly out of Florida to Oslo and then on to Riga and fly back out of Tallinn thus getting to see both for a couple days and catching up with some friends.


The first step is to “pass off” our awesome children to my parents after spending Christmas with them in Florida. After a visit from Santa we’ll head over to FLL/MIA and catch a Norwegian Air flight to Oslo for ~$850 on the 28th of December.

After arriving in Oslo, the next leg involves changing carriers and hopping an AirBaltic flight on the 29th into RIX (Riga) for just under $60.00. At about $30 a person that’s a great price, but as we’ll see in a minute it gets a bit better.


In Riga we’ve found an awesome little apartment (courtesy of AirBnB) for a total of $138 right in the Old Town area. That’s 3 nights at about $41 per. To get up to TLL (Tallinn) from here we’re gonna hop the Lux Bus for about 20 euros apiece.

Riga aptArriving in TLL we have another little apartment picked out courtesy of AirBnB at $125 total for the 3 nights there. Flying back to Oslo from TLL allows us to avoid round trip tickets and capitalize on the cost savings of one-way tix in Europe. This flight comes in at $40 bucks total but back on Norwegian. That’s an amazing $20 per person or 16 euros each!! That’s a great price even at discount rates for flying around Europe.

After getting back into Oslo from Tallinn we’ll head right back on the Norwegian return flight to Florida. Meet up with the my parents, re-gather our kids and head on home. norwegian-com-787-8-ei-lna-02-sonja-heniecabin-1-lgw-ahelrw

Done and done. An awesome NYE in Eastern Europe with my beautiful bride.

Hopefully this breakdown helps to show how cheap it can be for travel to Europe from the States. I’ll keep you all posted as I book tickets and we progress thru this journey. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments below, or if you stumble upon an even better price configuration let me know.


Oh, and we’d love to see some of you there too!!







2 thoughts on “A $1200 European New Year’s Eve Holiday

  1. Thanks for the feedback. I just go straight to the Airline websites of Norwegian and AirBaltic. I also check out RyanAir a lot. It seems most of the flight fare sites don’t include the no frills airlines. I’ve found it to be successful going straight to their sites.

    This will be our first time using AirBnB, but we’ve used both HomeAway and Booking.com to find similar apartments in London, Paris and Ukraine.

    Money exchange I typically do on the front end. Last time I was in Ukraine I waited until I got there and I lost a bit on the exchange rates. I also generally only get enough to get me going and then reload at an ATM away from the airport to avoid higher fees.

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